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Waterproof Survivor

Blazing fires, summerlike bonfires, and campfires warming up the camping coffee pot. Nature walks, hunting trips, fishing trips, and midsummer festivals in the nightless night… All those images evoke warm memories in many of us and describe the Finnish mindscape. Designed in Finland, Kaari Loimu X2 plasma lighters are made to light those kinds of fires and create memories. Rain or shine, wind or calm: Kaari Loimu X2 is a hunter’s, camper’s, and cottage dweller’s choice. Or anyone’s who needs a reliable lighter for demanding conditions. A waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof, and dustproof lighter with a handy telescopic arm is safe and easy to use. It also comes with a flashlight making it a perfect and versatile camping tool.

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Easy and quick recharging

Kaari Loimu X2 plasma lighter can start a fire up to 80 times for only one charge. The internal battery is charged with the micro USB connector and USB cable included in the package. A plasma lighter doesn’t use any harmful lighting fuels. It uses electricity, so you can recharge it with a charger of your phone, computer, or power bank. Filling up a lighter has never been so easy and ecological.


A plasma lighter doesn’t have a flame that blows out in the wind or rain. The lighter uses electricity to create a plasma arc 1100°C in temperature, withstanding the wind, rain, and frost. Kaari Loimu X2 provides a unique and weatherproof solution for every need, regardless of the weather and conditions.

Protected against water, dirt, dust, and shocks

Kaari Loimu X2 plasma lighter floats in the water. It’s made of durable polycarbonate and protected against water dirt, dust, and shocks. It meets the IP57 certificate requirements so you can use it even in challenging conditions.

Efficient flashlight

Kaari Loimu X2 is more than just a lighter – the other end surprises with a double power flashlight. A bright 100 lumen flashlight comes with powerful LED photocells, so you don’t need to carry another flashlight.

The telescope arm helps to reach difficult places

Sometimes lighting a fire requires some skills, especially if the target is hard to reach or in a difficult spot. Lighting, for example, a well-protected candle or a small fireside, can be tricky. Kaari Loimu X2’s telescope arm is an answer. With a pull-out telescope arm, lighting a fire is safe and comfortable. As the lighter is flameless, you can use it in any position.

Available in three colors.

What makes plasmalighter superior?

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Environmentally friendly

Thanks to rechargeable plasma lighters, there’s no need to use matches, firelighters, or disposable lighters. It’s an easy way to reduce the waste and garbage that piles up in nature and landfills. It can be delivered to a recycling point of electronics at the end of the lighter’s life.

Flameless fire

Plasma lighters are completely flameless, as lighting is based on a plasma arc that creates 1100 degrees of heat. The plasma arc heats the target quickly and safely.


A plasma lighter is safer to use compared to traditional lighters, matches, or firelighters. A plasma arc is easier to control than a flame. It won’t light anything accidentally as a flickering flame might do. You can also use a plasma lighter in any position, as the plasma arc doesn’t point upwards.