Our story

Kaari is a Finnish brand, born out of our passion for providing innovative, high-quality products for consumers.

How it all began

Our story began with an idea of two friends. We wanted to provide a durable option for traditional lighters by using the latest technology. Even though we live in a digital world, we still need manual lighters to light candles, firesides, grills, saunas, campfires, and gas appliances.

The flame by a traditional lighter blows easily out in the wind and rain. Moreover, classic lighters are impractical, as they run by gas or fluid that requires regular fill-ups. We also noticed that most of the lighters at the market are disposable and heavily polluting. There had to be a better option.

Developing the first products

We started systematic testing with different lighters. After a multistage testing period, plasma technology proved to be the best option with its various practical features. Firstly, being flameless, plasma lighters can be used in any position. They are weatherproof, so they also work in wind and rain. Plasma lighters are rechargeable and will last for years in use. Recharging is as convenient as charging a smartphone: You can charge plasma lighters from an electrical outlet or, for example, using a computer’s USB connector. Also, plasma lighters are safer due to electric technology and safety mechanisms that prevent accidents.

We realized that plasma lighters could honestly ease everyday life and provide a solution to the problem of disposables. While creating a beautiful atmosphere at home, they would be safe and easy to use. They could travel with people on camping trips, barbeque parties, and get-togethers. The products would look so stylish that people would love to give them each other as presents. But we wanted the price to be reasonable for a regular consumer. These ideas in mind, we created the Kaari product family based on innovative plasma technology. The products include stylish lighters for the city, home, and camping with varying appearances and features.

The company and the products developed

We already sold more than 300 000 pieces of the early versions of Kaari plasma lighters during the first year of our existence. We continued developing the products, and we launched our new-generation plasma lighters in the summer of 2019. We improved them with our customers in mind and added some practical and durable features.

Kaari has proven the appeal and quality of our plasma lighters. Our brand has already made a significant impact in markets such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Sweden, and the Baltic countries.

Customer satisfaction & Quality

We want to continuously improve our products to better meet our customers’ needs. Customer satisfaction is 100% a matter of the heart for us and one of our core goals. We’re deeply grateful for our customers, and we want to show this gratitude by providing pure quality.

Reasonable price

KAARI produces high-quality products for consumers at a reasonable price. We make this possible by leaving extra intermediaries out of the production chain. Thus, we can make the same products under our brand that other companies would have to sell for a higher price. Despite the reasonable price, the service life of our products is superior compared to traditional lighters.

The friends and the company today

KAARI has found its way to Finnish homes and hearts. We are honored to be offering safer, higher-quality, and more sustainable igniting. Our lighters create a beautiful atmosphere for various everyday and festive moments. Thank you for being with us and writing the story of Kaari – let’s continue writing it together!

Best wishes,

Kari and Jani.


Kari is an ever-young free spirit, whose feet are on the ground – except when flying. Kari has more than 40 years of experience in sales and marketing in importing, and he’s responsible for our B2B sales. His knowledge of sales is one of the cornerstones of Kaari’s success.


Jani is in charge of Kaari’s production chain and brand marketing. He’s also your contact person in customer service. Though Jani works as a CEO of the company, titles are not important to him. Over ten years of experience in importing is not that much compared to Kari, but he’s quickly catching up.