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Roihu X2
Pocket Lighters

Light with style

Sometimes in life, one needs proper equipment for lighting a fire. Whether you need to light a quick spark or to create a beautiful atmosphere, having your own ‘fire kit’ is a necessity. Matches and cheap plastic lighters are difficult to ignite, and they blow out in the wind. Traditional fire-making tools are not only outdated but also malfunctioning. Also, disposables cause extra litter for the environment.

A well-protected plasma lighter with a metal casing works reliably, also in the wind and rain. It’s a beautiful utensil reflecting the user’s character and elegance. Our Kaari Roihu X2 pocket lighters are designed in Finland and are sure to stand out in every situation. With the biggest 430mAh battery in the market, they’re perfect to use at home as well as in the city.

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Easy and quick recharging

Kaari Roihu X2 plasma lighter starts a fire up to 70–100 times per one charge. You can charge the internal battery with the micro USB connector and USB cable, which is included in the package. A plasma lighter doesn’t use any harmful lighting fuels. It uses electricity, so you can recharge it with a charger of your phone, computer, or power bank. Filling up a lighter has never been so easy and ecological.


A plasma lighter doesn’t have a flame that blows out in the wind and rain. The lighter uses electricity to create a plasma arc 1100°C in temperature that easily withstands the wind, rain, and frost. The ignition points create a diagonal dual plasma arc, which makes it even easier to use. Kaari Roihu X2 provides a unique and weatherproof solution for every need, regardless of the situation and weather.

A feast of colors

Kaari collection of lighters are not only practical but also beautiful in their magnificent colors. The beautifully finished metal surface highlights the colors and acts as an eye-catcher when handing the lighter to a friend.

All-metal casing

Kaari Roihu X2 is a pocket lighter with a metallic casing, which makes it a practical tool and a stylish valuable. The lifetime of the lighter is many years. Its environmental burden is nothing compared to a traditional, disposable lighter. The stunning Kaari Roihu X2 can be passed from father to son or as a utility from home to another.

The battery light indicates when it needs to be recharged

Kaari Roihu X2 pocket lighter has a handy battery light that indicates the need for charging. You can use the lighter up to 70–100 times for one single charge.

Available in different colors.

What makes plasmalighter superior?

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Environmentally friendly

Thanks to rechargeable plasma lighters, there’s no need to use matches, firelighters, or disposable lighters. It’s an easy way to reduce the waste and garbage that piles up in nature and landfills. It can be delivered to a recycling point of electronics at the end of the lighter’s life.

Flameless fire

Plasma lighters are completely flameless, as lighting is based on a plasma arc that creates 1100 degrees of heat. The plasma arc heats the target quickly and safely.


A plasma lighter is safer to use compared to traditional lighters, matches, or firelighters. A plasma arc is easier to control than a flame. It won’t light anything accidentally as a flickering flame might do. You can also use a plasma lighter in any position, as the plasma arc doesn’t point upwards.