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Kaari Tuikku

All-purpose Lighter With an Extra-long Reach

Many of us have burned our fingers using matches or pocket lighters for lighting a fireplace, sauna, or lighting a candle in a glass container. Long-reach lighters are popular for a reason. They’re reliable and safe tools for lighting candles, fireplaces, saunas, as well as campfires.

Kaari Tuikku is a long-reach lighter designed in Finland. It lights a fire at home, at the cabin, in the caravan, and the outdoors – despite the conditions. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a frosty winter night, Kaari Tuikku lights a fire with a press of a button, without burning fingers.

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Easy and quick to recharge

Kaari Tuikku long-reach lighter is easy to recharge with the micro USB connector and USB cable, which is included in the package. It doesn’t need any harmful lighting fuels. It uses electricity, so you can recharge it with the charger of your phone, computer, or power bank. Filling up a lighter has never been so easy and ecological.


A plasma lighter doesn’t have a flame that blows out in the wind or rain. The lighter uses electricity to create a plasma arc 1100°C in temperature, so it withstands the wind, rain, and frost effortlessly. The ignition points are at the end of the long handle, making it even easier to use – especially in narrow places. Kaari Tuikku provides a unique and weatherproof solution for every need regardless of the conditions and weather.

The battery light indicates when it needs to be recharged

Kaari Tuikku long-reach lighter has a handy battery light that informs when the battery needs charging. You can use the lighter up to 100 times for one single charge.

Safety first

The firing switch is below a separate cover to prevent accidental pressing.

The long-reach design ensures user safety

Due to its practical long-reach design, Kaari Tuikku is easy to use for all firesides and candles – with zero fingers burnt. The 200-millimeter reach ensures easy and effortless lighting, even in a narrow glass container or a snow lantern.

Available in two different colors.

What makes plasmalighter superior?

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Environmentally friendly

Thanks to rechargeable plasma lighters, there’s no need to use matches, firelighters, or disposable lighters. It’s an easy way to reduce the waste and garbage that piles up in nature and landfills. It can be delivered to a recycling point of electronics at the end of the lighter’s life.

Flameless fire

Plasma lighters are completely flameless, as lighting is based on a plasma arc that creates 1100 degrees of heat. The plasma arc heats the target quickly and safely.


A plasma lighter is safer to use compared to traditional lighters, matches, or firelighters. A plasma arc is easier to control than a flame. It won’t light anything accidentally as a flickering flame might do. You can also use a plasma lighter in any position, as the plasma arc doesn’t point upwards.