SOIHTU Mini Pastels Edition Pink


KAARI SOIHTU Mini™ is a smaller version of the popular SOIHTU BBQ plasma lighter. It is rechargeable, gasless, flameless, electric and environmentally friendly plasma lighter which replaces traditional gas and fossil fuel powered lighters with environmentally friendly, USB-rechargeable option.

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KAARI SOIHTU Mini™ plasma lighter creates powerful and wind proof plasma arc which lights up candles, fire places or grill with ease and effectively. It works like any other traditional lighter except without harmful gas or chemicals, easier, effectively, safer and environmentally friendly.

Warranty: 6 months

Lighter Size: 115 * 26 * 15.5 mm

Package content:

1 pcs KAARI SOIHTU -plasma lighter

1 pcs Mikro-USB-cabel

1 pcs user manual: English, Finnish, Swedish

KAARI SOIHTU Mini user manual FI_SE_EN (.pdf file)