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650 lumens   |   IP54 protection |   3000 mAh battery

Kaari Hohde – All-purpose LED Flashlight

A flashlight can be the best travel buddy on a boat trip, road trip, or at the cabin when the night falls too early. It’s always good to have access to a reliable flashlight! However, even the best flashlight is not much of use when out of battery. Thus, easy charging is one of the most important features of a flashlight. Kaari Hohde is designed in Finland. It is an efficient, all-purpose, and USB-rechargeable LED flashlight that illuminates in any circumstances. Despite the situation, there’s always a suitable option to use with three different output settings. Size and sharpness of the beam are easy to adjust by pulling on at the end of the flashlight.

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Easy to recharge

At full power, the operating time of the Kaari Hohde flashlight is two hours in one charge. The battery light indicates the need for charging. The flashlight is powered by a rechargeable and replaceable KAARI 18650 lithium-ion battery. You can update the flashlight to good as new by simply replacing the battery. Say goodbye to disposable batteries! The micro-USB connector and USB cable (included) allow easy charging with the charger of your smartphone, laptop, or power bank.

Durable light output

The body material of this shockproof and weatherproof (IP54) flashlight is type 3 hard-coat anodized aluminum. Thanks to the material, Kaari Hohde is a handy tool to have in the forest or on a fishing trip. This flashlight won’t be upset about moisture or small bumps..

A high-quality photocell shining bright white light produces Kaari Hohde’s adjustable triple-output beam. The effective maximum output is 673 lumens.

Stylish and practical

Fitting easily into the palm of a hand, Kaari Hohde looks stylish with its black metallic color, red border color, and robust appearance. Thanks to its convenient clip, you can attach the flashlight to the pocket, for example. With the help of a thin wristband, the flashlight is easy to access even on the move.

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