What is a plasma lighter?

A plasma lighter is an energy-efficient, safe, easy-to-use, and rechargeable fire starter tool. A plasma lighter lights candles, firesides, wood-heated saunas, campfires, and other fires in any conditions. Plasma lighter replaces matches and traditional gas/fluid lighters.

Fireless fire

Kaari plasma lighters are gasless, flameless, and an environment-friendly option for traditional lighters that use fossil fuels. Kaari plasma lighters produce an efficient and windproof plasma arc.


Plasma lighters are completely flameless, as lighting is based on a plasma arc that creates 1100 degrees of heat. The plasma arc heats the target quickly and safely.


A plasma lighter is safer to use compared to traditional lighters, matches, or firelighters. A plasma arc is easier to control than a flame. It won’t light anything accidentally as a flickering flame might do. You can also use a plasma lighter in any position, as the plasma arc doesn’t point upwards.

Recharge anywhere

Plasma lighters run with electricity. The built-in battery is easy to recharge from a socket or power bank.

USB rechargeable

All Kaari plasma lighters are easy to recharge with the micro USB cable that is included in the package. You can connect the USB cable to a USB charger using your smartphone, portable speaker, computer, or a power bank with a USB connector.

Nature first

Kaari cherishes green values and pure nature. Thus we avoid disposable junk and use rechargeable plasma lighters instead – they serve us for years

Environmentally friendly

Thanks to rechargeable plasma lighters, there’s no need to use matches, firelighters, or disposable lighters. It’s an easy way to reduce the waste and garbage that piles up in nature and landfills. It can be delivered to a recycling point of electronics at the end of the lighter’s life.


As the Kaari plasma lighter is flameless with its plasma arc, wind and blow don’t have any effect on the lighter. Plasma lighter works perfectly in all kinds of conditions. In contrast, even a big flame blows out quickly in a blast of wind. We all know how difficult it can be to light a fire with traditional tools in lousy weather.